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 Wherever you go, God is sending you.

Wherever you are, God is there working for good!

Christ who indwells you has something he wants to do there, with you, and those you meet on the way.

Believe this and go in His grace and love and power! 


When we look at the world in which we live, there is so much goodness — the beauty of a sunset, the smell of fresh popcorn, the touch of a loved one, the smile of a child… these are moments that are so “good” we can almost hear the echoes of God’s voice from that first morning in Creation saying, “It is good”.

AND we also know there is pain, violence and brokenness in this life — riots in cities, families in rubble from earthquakes and children victimized… the world is filled with things that are not good but instead: distorted, twisted and Fallen.

SO we find ourselves in a world that is created Good AND Fallen…  AND yet God is still at work in the midst of this to heal and redeem. In Jesus Christ, we believe that instead of standing off and wagging a finger or shaking his head, God presses into the world and all of its brokenness; in Jesus, he willingly suffers and absorbs pain and sin for the sake of the world.

Then God does something even more amazing! He invites us to become his partners in the care and healing of this world. In fact, this is what we were made for; to be his images, to be signs of his presence and care in this world, to show his face and love to one another. God is always working for good and invites us to be his partners in the care and healing of the world.

For many this is exciting news! Yet, some still wonder whether God has made a mistake. Maybe you are one of those saying, “But you don’t know how I have been hurt and damaged by the sin and violence of this world. I am in no condition to help you.” Jesus says, “I know, and I will pour my Spirit into you and heal you along the way. You don’t need to ‘have it all together’ before you can be my partner. You only need to be started- because no one ever arrives at having ‘it all together’. And then I will use your scars to give hope to others and help heal them too. Won’t you join me?”

Still others may want to respond but feel they have no right to say “yes”, because of what they have done. Maybe you are thinking to yourself, “Yeah, but you don’t know what I have done! You don’t know how I have contributed to the brokenness of the world; the hateful things I have done, the people I have hurt, the ways I have even rejected and fought you, God.” And if we could hear Jesus’ voice we believe he would say, “I know all of that, and want you to know that there is nothing you have done or can do that will make me love you less! There is nothing you can do that I cannot forgive and overcome. You can nail me to a tree until I die, you can lock me away in a tomb… and I will still come back and say, ‘I love you!  I forgive you! Won’t you join me in this journey of bringing my kingdom to life in this place?’”

We are on a journey together…
        With Jesus and one another and all the partners God brings along…
                  You were born for this… won’t you join us?