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About us

In 1960 Hilliard Presbyterian Church was planted at the corner of Leap and Edgewyn Roads, at the intersection of the newest subdivions in this growing city on the western side of Columbus, Ohio. The new families of Beacon, Hillcrest and later DarbyGlen needed a place convenient for worship and ministry for their young families. 


Since then, Hilliard has grown from about 5,000 to over 31,000 people and the homes have spread in all directions, yet Hilliard Pres has continued its ministry to the people of the South Leap Corridor and beyond. Whether it is the annual summer carnival for the kids of the neighborhoods, welcoming the YMCA Summer Camp, partnering with Hilliard Church of the Nazarene to supply the food pantry or hosting the local car shows, HPC knows it is here to serve her neighbors with the love of Jesus Christ. And we have discovered over and over again that God has many partners for this work in the city and beyond. 

While now, many of those young couples who founded the church are in their eighties, younger families and singles have joined them to form a multi-generational congregation with a deep love and respect for one another. Our children and teens are welcomed with smiles and eager applause as they contribute to worship of the ministry of the church. In an era where the generations are isolated, we celebrate the gifts and perspective each generation brings to our community of faith. Each month we have mutligenerational classes called Breakfast with the Bible when we come toegther to learn from Scripture and each other's experience. Youth lead in worship and share their considerable gifts in mission and ministry. A highlight each summer is the Mission Trip to Neon, Kentucky to work with housing rehabilitation and improvement. Youth and adults have an incredible week of work, worship and bonding. The team comes back with valuable memories that last a lifetime. Everyone regardless of their age has something to contribute and is viewed as a valuable part of the Body of Christ at HPC.